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About Us

We at 2nd Skinn started our brand from nothing. In the beginning we didn't have a business plan or marketing strategy.  To be perfectly honest we had no clue what we were doing back in 2006 when we invested a hundred and fifty dollars in leather and began making harnesses for our friends in Portland's leather community. All we had was a desire to start something new that was missing in the leather scene at the time. We made it up as we went along, using our creative skills, and threw trial and error we are here we are today still doing what we love to do.


We have had the pleasure to grow and change over the years, we have seen and been apart of this ever changing leather fetish community. Traveling up and down the west coast to places like Palm Springs leather pride, Folsom Fair and Kink Fest in Portland to the east coast and Mid Atlantic Leather in DC and International Mr. Leather in Chicago.

People have supported us and our brand, 2nd Skinn.  We are focused on continuing to serve those that have supported us threw the years and always looking to serve the next generation as they discover there kinky side

So that's us. Thanks for checking out 2nd Skinn. Stick around and see what we come up with next.

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